Frequently Asked Question

MIWAClub _ Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)


  • What is MIWAClub?

MIWAClub is a loyalty program designed exclusively for Dale & Cecil’s customers. It offers great rewards and privileges including point collection, exclusive offers, welcome rewards, birthday treats, special event tickets, MIWA Day bonus points and so on. 

  • How many points can I collect from the product?
    • MIWAKO A+ (Paper Canister) = 96 points
    • MIWAKO A+ (Metal Canister) = 99 points
    • MIWAKO (Paper Canister) = 85 points
    • MIWAKO (Metal Canister) = 89 points
    • MIWAKOKO = 39 points
    • MIWACARE LYSINE+ = 28 points
    • MIWACARE VIT C+ = 35 points
    • MIWACARE PROBIOTICS+ = 36 points
    • MIWACARE ENZYMES+ = 36 points
  • When will the points expire? 

The points will be expired after one year from the collected date, and it shall not be recoverable. 

  • When is the ranking system cycle?

The system will automatically update in every 6 months, please refer to the table below for the ranking system. Your ranking will be immediately reflected once you've collected 

    • Rookie Star = RM0 – RM839
    • Rising Star = RM840 – RM1,259
    • Rock Star = RM1,260+  
  • How to contact customer service?

You can email us at or WhatsApp us directly from the APP. 

  • How to edit my birth date?

User is unable to edit the birth date once it is registered in the system. Please contact customer service and provide relevant proof such as MyKad if you would like to amend your birth date.

  • What should I do if the QR code is not working? 

Please contact customer service and provide the QR code batch number, we will investigate and shall allocate the points directly to your account if there is a technical error. 

  • Why I did not get bonus points from my referral?

To gain referral bonus points, both parties (referee and referral) must have a minimal one time spending. When both parties have successfully scanned the product QR code and collected the point in a legit way, the accounts will be considered as one time spending achieved, and both parties are eligible to earn the referral points.

  • Can I collect points from online purchase? 

Yes you can. QR code will be attached to the product. You may scan the QR code when your order arrives. For offline stores, you might scan the QR code once the purchase is completed. 

  • Are all Dale & Cecil’s products entitled for MIWAClub point collection? 

Yes, all products under the brand of Dale & Cecil. 

  • Can I scan the QR code after 1 week of purchase?

Yes you can. Please be noted that the QR code can be only scanned once. Make sure the QR code(s) is secured and avoid moisture which might affect the clarity of the QR code.